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Split case pumps move fluids, generally water or other clear, low-viscosity fluids, using centrifugal force at moderate heads, dependably, efficiently and economically.


GPM offers split-case pumps from both Deming and Weinman.


Weinman pumps meet a wide variety of service needs. The L series single-stage and LVM vertically mounted pumps provide large capacity general service pumping. Rugged and reliable, they combine mechanical simplicity with sophisticated hydraulic design. The JD Series multi-stage pumps offer reliable, low cost, high head pumping for applications such as boiler feed and booster service. Recognized for their quality, efficiency and economy, Weinman split case pumps meet the design criteria of: ASTM, HI, ANSI, AISI, SAE and AMSE.

The Deming Horizontal split-case single stage is a double suction, general purpose pump, designed for continuous service handling both hot and cold fluids. It offers heads to 500 feet and flows to 7,000 g.p.m. 

Some of our more popular split-case pump models include:

Deming:  5060 Series Horizontal Split-Case Pumps

Deming:  5260 Series Two-Stage Horizontal Split-Case

Weinman: Series 1100, 1200, 1310 Split-Case Pumps


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